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Alan Bullard has written for the piano for most of his life. Some of his most popular concert pieces are Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Books 1 and 2 but listed below are a number of pieces ranging back to 1975.


Aspects of Blue (2022)
12 minutes: seven pieces of intermediate standard

Five Concert Preludes (1988)
9 mins: Grade 8+

Il est né (He is born) – a Christmas Fantasia on a traditional French carol (2021)
c. 4 mins: Grade 6-7

Nocturnes – Songs of Night (2023-)
A growing collection of intermediate piano pieces

Six Miniatures (1975)
8 mins: c.Grade 4-5

Three Improvisations (1984)
7 mins. Grade 5-6

Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Book 1 (2017)
23 mins. Grades 6-8

Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Book 2 (2019)
22 mins. Grades 6-8

Variations on an English Folk Song (1982)
10 mins: Grade 8


Aspects of Blue (2022)
12 minutes: seven pieces of intermediate standard

Joining the Dots, Books 1 – 8 (2010-14)
A sight-reading course for the piano

Party Time! on holiday (1998)
15 very easy piano pieces

The Pianoworks series, written jointly with Janet Bullard, is a comprehensive tutor and associated repertoire books, aimed at the older beginner.
Direct link to OUP Pianoworks site here
Details of the individual volumes follow:
Pianoworks 1 and 2 (2007-8)
Pianoworks Collection 1 and 2 (2007-8) for solo piano
Pianoworks Christmas (2008) for solo piano
Pianoworks A night at the Theatre (2010) for solo piano
Pianoworks Popular Styles (2014) for solo piano
Pianoworks Duets 1 and 2 (2012) for piano duet

The Janet and Alan Bullard Piano Series is designed to complement the Pianoworks series and contains a range of individual easy arrangements, old and new.

Scale Explorer
Scale Explorer for Piano is a creative resource for students learning their scales and arpeggios. The five books cover ABRSM’s new face-to-face Practical syllabus requirements (from 2021) at Grades 1 to 5, and include engaging activities that bring scales to life, through short pieces, improvisation, composition and exercises. Here’s a link to the composer introducing and playing pieces from each volume.  And here’s a link to a blog about the series.

The Sight-reading Sourcebook (2001)
Three books of sight reading exercises of broadly Grade 1 to 3 standard

World Atlas (2006)
15 miniatures, Grades 3-5

Alan Bullard has also contributed pieces and arrangements to the following educational series:
Mastering the Piano (Lang Lang – 5 volumes)
The Lang Lang Piano Method (5 volumes)
Piano Mix (ed. David Blackwell)
Piano Star (ed. David Blackwell, Aisling Greally, Karen Marshall)
Piano Time (Pauline Hall)
The Graded Piano Player
Piano Inspiration (Isata Kanneh-Mason)



Cyprian Dances (1994) for piano, four hands
10 mins: Grade 7-8

Six Dances for Four Hands (2004) for piano, four hands: Grade 3-5


Six Dances for Four Hands (2004) for piano, four hands: Grade 3-5

Pianoworks Duets Books 1 and 2


Prelude, Air and Gigue (1973)
4 mins.

Level (2018)
4-5 mins.

Six Miniatures (1975)
8 mins.

Six Preludes for Clavichord (2020)
c. 8 mins.



Christmas Preludes and Fantasia (2021-22)
Five preludes on Christmas hymns and carols, and a standalone Fantasia on popular Christmas melodies.

Fanfare on ‘York’ for organ (2012)
Duration 4-5 minutes

Moot Hall Toccata for organ (2015)
Duration 5 minutes

Voluntaries and Hymn tune Preludes
in the collections Oxford Service Music for Organ and Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists