World Atlas

World Atlas (2006)
Grades 3-5
A celebration of music styles from around the world, these fifteen miniatures are a personal response to the music of a wide range of countries: from Japanese ceremonial music to the rhythms of Tanzania, from the American fiddler to the Spanish guitarist, from the melancholy calm of the Russian landscape to the exuberance of a Trinidadian steel-band. Suitable for pianists of all ages.

Across the Valleys
Autumn Landscape
Ceremonial Procession
Crazy Hoe-down
Evening Serenade
Gospel Mood
Mountain Stream
Snowy Summits
Steel Pans
Tapping Heels
The Piper plays
Trumpets and Drums
Whirling Dance

Tapping Heels on Youtube 

Printed extract Snowy Summits

Formerly published by Spartan Press – currently available as a digital download (pdf) with payment via PayPal. Please contact the composer here for details and price.