World Atlas

World Atlas (2006)
Grades 3-5
A celebration of music styles from around the world, these fifteen miniatures are a personal response to the music of a wide range of countries: from Japanese ceremonial music to the rhythms of Tanzania, from the American fiddler to the Spanish guitarist, from the melancholy calm of the Russian landscape to the exuberance of a Trinidadian steel-band. Suitable for pianists of all ages.

Across the Valleys
Autumn Landscape
Ceremonial Procession
Crazy Hoe-down
Evening Serenade
Gospel Mood
Mountain Stream
Snowy Summits
Steel Pans
Tapping Heels
The Piper plays
Trumpets and Drums
Whirling Dance

Tapping Heels on Youtube 

Printed extract Snowy Summits

Publisher: Spartan Press