Level (clavichord or marimba)

Level (2010 / 2018)
clavichord or marimba

Level is a palindromic study originally written for marimba and first performed by Joby Burgess, and now completely revised and rewritten for the clavichord.  The palindromic structure – the second half of the piece being the first half in reverse (both in rhythm and pitch), creates a gradual development from calm (with one or two intermediate rises and falls) towards a busy climax, and then a gradual return to the character of the opening.

The first performance of the clavichord version was given by Francis Knights, March 9 2018 in Cambridge. As it is currently unpublished, you can download the complete clavichord score here: Level – clavichord version

And here is a performance of the marimba version

Please contact the composer for the score of the marimba version.