Welcome May!

Welcome May! (2005)
Cantata for SATB, optional youth choir, piano (or strings). Duration c. 10 minutes
Welcome May! is a portrait of Spring. Its four lighthearted movements begin as the snow melts and life beings anew: following this is a hymn to spring and new growth, which is followed by the humorous nonsense song `Spring is Sprung’ and finally the choir welcomes May in all its glory and promise of Summer. The words of the first and last songs, `The Snow Melts’ and `The Coming of May’, are by the nineteenth-century nature-poet John Clare, and the second movement `Hymn to Spring’ is by John Newton.
Welcome May was commissioned by the Maia Singers and Stockport Youth Choir, conductor John Pomphrey, and first performed on 17 May 2005.
A version with string orchestra accompaniment was made by the composer with financial assistance from the Ida Carroll Trust and was performed by the Maia Singers and the Manchester Chamber Ensemble, conductor John Pomphrey, on 10 May 2008, at St. Mary’s Church, Stockport.
The movements may be sung separately.
No. 3 (`Spring is Sprung’) may also be sung by childrens’ choir or upper voice choir only. Here it is (with children and SATB) on YouTube.

Unpublished and available from the composer
Here’s a complete recording on YouTube