Workout – saxophone and piano

Workout (1997)
Alto sax (or tenor sax) and piano 8 mins: Grade 8
An expressive but rhythmic virtuosic piece, written for the composer’s son Sam: the alto and tenor sax parts are identical and piano is transposed: tenor sax version is in the Grade 8 ABRSM syllabus, and was first performed by Christian Forshaw (sax) and Huw Watkins (piano), and subsequently by Sam Bullard (sax) and Alan Bullard (piano)
Colne Edition:

Two versions: Alto and Piano, Tenor and Piano. Printed copies of each version are available to order from Colne Edition in the UK £9.95 per copy plus postage, delivery approximately two weeks.
Digital downloads / pdfs are also available from Colne Edition worldwide at £6.95 per copy with payment via PayPal

Extract from first performance: 2.00′ to 4.00′

the printed music of this extract: Workout (tenor sax) extract