Sursum corda

Sursum corda (1999)
SSAA unaccompanied
or SSAATTBB unaccompanied
This setting of `Lord, we lift up our hearts to thee’ was originally for upper voices and was first performed in St Paul’s Cathedral, London: the mixed voice version adds a feeling of depth and space to the original.
“This little gem is ideal for any girls’ or adult female choir able to divide confidently into four parts. Well suited to liturgical or concert use.” – Christopher Field, Music Teacher
“Throughout there are varied and resonant textures, with complexity achieved effortlessly by canon and by naturally fluent vocal lines.” – Church Music Quarterly 
Oxford University Press: SSAA version  recorded by the St Mary’s College Womens Choir, director Nancy Menk, on this CD
SSAATTBB version: in Alan Bullard Anthems  Recorded by Selwyn College Choir on this CD 

extract from SSAATTBB version: extract from SSAA version: