Sketches for Saxophone

Sketches for Saxophone (2021)
Three pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano
c.10 minutes

Sketches for Saxophone consists of three movements which may be performed separately, or together to make a suite. Each piece is based on the same musical shape, a rising fourth followed by a faster stepwise pattern, but they are very different in character. The first movement, ‘Shifting Skies’ contrasts a reflective opening section with a spiky Allegro, and gradually the two ideas become intertwined. ‘Blue Landscape’ follows, in which a wide-ranging and freely expressive saxophone line is accompanied by rich harmonies on the piano. The final movement, ‘Restless Energy’, presents the musical shape in a lively neo-classical way, often interrupted by jazz-inflected syncopated patterns, leading to a final grand statement and a throw-away ending.
Sketches for Saxophone was written for and dedicated to the composer’s son, Sam Bullard.

Digital scrolling score here

Published by Saxtet Publications (print or download)