Olympian Sketches

Olympian Sketches (1993)
3 B flat clarinets (2nd optionally doubling E flat) and bass clarinet
Alternative version for saxophone quartet (SATBar)
10 mins: Grade 8
These five pieces – musical portraits of Greek gods – were written for pupils of Angela Fussell at the RCM Junior Department and first performed in Ghent, Belgium, on 14 June 1993.
1. Apollo – the god of music and poetry
2. Charon – the ferry-man of the underworld
3. Hermes – the messenger of the gods
4. Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty
5. Artemis – the goddess of hunting
`Very well written…with musical and dramatic qualities that make rehearsal well worth while’ – Paul Harvey, Winds.
Score and parts of clarinet version and saxophone version available from the composer

Recorded on CD by the Chinook Clarinet Quartet – CHINOOK CCQ 001
`The Chinook respond with tight ensemble and controlled playing in these evocative and contrasting five movements’ – Charles Hine, Clarinet and Saxophone magazine

YouTube recording