Health and Safety

Health and Safety (2015)  Duration 6 minutes

This suite of three songs is available in three versions:
(1) Cambiata 1, Cambiata 2, Baritone, and piano.
(2) SSA and piano
(3) SATB and piano

Commissioned by the Cornwall International Male Voice Choir Choral Festival and first performed in Truro by the Warwickshire County Male Voices (director Garry Jones), and recently performed by the National Youth Choir of Scotland, this original suite sets anonymous instructions found in packaging to general household goods, providing amusing and theatrical highlights as well as musical interplay and formal episodes. The three contrasting movements are contemporary yet accessible in style, with catchy melodies and jazz-inspired harmonies.
The movements are:
1. Prelude: Caution!
2. Interlude: Safety Notices
3. Finale: Shocks!
The movements can be performed separately.

Health and Safety (SATB) – printed extracts

Oxford University Press:
Cambiata Choir details
SSA Choir details
SATB Choir details 

Audio of complete Cambiata version on YouTube

Audio of 1st movement, ‘Caution’ in SATB version on Spotify