Hat Box

Hat Box (2003)
recorder and piano or guitar  16 mins: Grade 7 approx.
First performed by the dedicatee John Turner and Neil Smith on 24 October 2003 at St Mary’s Church Stockport, and recorded on Cameo Classics CD (Campion Cameo 2020)
A celebration of the town of Stockport, the former centre of the hat-manufacturing industry, in the form of eight movements each of which refer to a motif from John Wainwright’s hymn-tune, ‘Stockport’.
1. Top Hat Quadrille
2. Breton Beret
3. Mexican Hat Dance
4. Smokey Stetson Shuffle
5. Deerstalker’s Jig
6. Baseball Cap Stomp
7. Best Bonnet Waltz
8. Cloth Cap Galop
The movements can be played separately.