Get It Together

Get It Together (2006)
8 pieces for flexibly scored wind and/or brass and/or string groups, Grade 2-4
Short fun pieces, four in each volume, flexibly scored, with a wide range of parts. The brass and wind sets can be combined as can the string sets (in theory)
Pack one contains:
1. Calypso Fanfare
2. Russian Steppes
3. Take Seven
4. Bank Holiday Fair
Recording of Volume 1 here
Pack two contains:
1. Mechanical Minuet
2. Loafing Around
3. Far from Home
4. Happy Day
Recording of Volume 2 here

‘These accessible movements with prove popular with young players and teachers alike’. Philip Robinson, Winds magazine

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Woodwind Pack 1 
Brass Pack 1 
String Pack 1
Woodwind Pack 2
Brass Pack 2
String Pack 2