Duologues (1980, 2017)
flute and piano or violin and piano   12 mins.  Grade 8+ standard

These three movements treat the players as equal partners. The first movement develops an arching melody in dialogue between the two instruments. The slow and contemplative second movement takes up and transforms a figure from the first movement, and the finale gives the opportunity for sparkling and agile playing from both instruments.

Flute version (the original) first performed by Michelle Lee & Christopher Roberts, Colchester, 4 March 1983. The new violin version was made in 2017 with editorial assistance from Beth Spendlove.

‘An engaging addition to the repertoire’ – Malcolm Barry, Music and Musicians

Audio (flute version) on YouTube  and on SoundCloud (slightly better quality sound)

Formerly published by Spartan Press – currently available as a digital download (pdf) with payment via PayPal. Please contact the composer here for details and price.