Creator of the Stars of Night

Creator of the stars of night (2013)
soprano solo, SATB, and optional organ
This is a peaceful setting of the Latin hymn text, translated by J. M. Neale. Partially based on the plainsong melody Conditur alme siderum, the music features sonorous harmonies, subtle time changes, and fluid choral homophony, with a beautiful soprano solo that floats over the other voices.
‘Partly based on a plainsong Advent hymn, Creator of the stars of night was written in honour of a soprano soloist and her Minneapolis choir. Naturally, the solo is an integral and important part of the anthem and needs an experienced and sensitive singer. The choir (unaccompanied or optionally doubled by organ) accompanies the soloist; all singers need a sure sense of intonation to do the anthem justice. Performed well, this will be most effective. – Gordon Appleton, Sunday by Sunday (RSCM)
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