At the turn of the year

At the turn of the year (1988)
three songs for young voices (in mostly two parts) and piano. Duration 7 minutes
These three songs were partly commissioned by Sing for Pleasure for its 25th anniversary.
1. Stocking and Shirt (poem by James Reeves) – an energetic song in which drying clothes whirl and madly dance in the tugging winter wind.
2. Snow (poem by Walter de la Mare) – this evokes a mysterious, icy landscape, with a simple quiet tune and slowly rocking chords.
3. Wisselton, wasselton (poem anon.)
A lively wassailing song for the new year
Oxford University Press: published separately (click links on titles above)
Wisselton Wasselton is also in the Oxford Book of Flexible Carols (with optional Baritone part).