Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Book 1

Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Book 1
23 mins. Grades 6-8
These twelve preludes, for advanced pianists, are in each of the major keys.
They can be performed separately, or complete, optionally repeating the first prelude at the end to make a set of thirteen.
They explore a wide range of moods and characters, and a second set of preludes, in minor or modal keys, is planned for the future.

‘Within apparently conventional harmonic frameworks Bullard is miraculously but logically able to find novel and surprising chordal connections…Within a serene and neatly packaged ‘classical’ aesthetic Bullard shows a wide range of characterisation and mood…
Overall Bullard shows a consistent ease, awareness of pianistic ‘comfort’ and also a sensitivity for colour and texture. His ideas are to the point and memorable. Pianists of grade 8 level onwards will find much to enjoy here. The follow up set of minor key Preludes is eagerly awaited! ‘ Murray McLachlan, International Piano

The composer plays them on YouTube 

Twelve or Thirteen Preludes Set 1 score extract

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Sheet Music: Colne Edition/Spartan Press