North Sea Sketches

North Sea Sketches (2009)
recorder ensemble / orchestra
9 mins : Descant, Trebles 1 and 2, Tenor, Bass, with optional Sopranino, Great Bass, and Contrabass.
Commissioned by the Society of Recorder Payers and first performed at the 2010 National Festival in Felixstowe, Suffolk by an orchestra of 200. Felixstowe is one of the largest North Sea ports, with a long naval history. North Sea Sketches celebrates this link, and it is an arrangement of a selection of traditional songs and dances related to the sea. The three movements are ‘In Harbour’, ‘Lament’ and ‘Ocean Waves’

Audio extract, part of the last movement, played by the National Youth Recorder Orchestra, director Colin Touchin – complete CD (National Youth Recorder Orchestras Course 2010) available from NYRO shop