A Feast for Christmas

A Feast for Christmas (2007)
A seasonable celebration for SATB choir, optional youth choir and narrator, with piano (or brass quintet, or string quintet). Duration c. 25-30 minutes.
This 8-movement cantata contrasts the cooking of the Christmas dinner with more reflective Christmas themes, with an opportunity for the audience to join in at the end. Ideal for Christmas concerts.
Colne/Spartan CE29 more details

performance on YouTube
part 1
(Christmas Welcome, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Feast)
part 2 (Christmas Grace, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Spirit, and Christmas Celebration)

The combined first and last movements of A Feast for Christmas are available as a separate octavo entitled Christmas Celebration (Colne/Spartan CE31) the perfect finale to your Christmas Concert! more details

Other movements which may be performed separately include Christmas Eve, Christmas Feast, and Christmas Grace.