Colne Edition & BullardMusic

Colne Edition publishes some of Alan Bullard’s instrumental and choral music. It is named after the River Colne, which passes through Colchester in North Essex.

Colne Edition – complete list

Colne Edition publications are available as digital downloads (pdfs), and/or printed copies, and (for larger works) on hire. They are no longer available from Spartan Press.

Please click on the link for each piece (or use the search button) to see ordering details – if no details are listed please contact Colne Edition via email, and not Spartan Press. Thank you.

Upper Voice Choral

A Bunyan Garland (CE4)
All in Tune (CE11)
A Strange Story (CE9b)
Autumn (CE22)
Be Joyful! (CE60)
Grace be unto you (CE6)
He came all so still (CE42)
Love on my heart from heaven fell (CE51)
Mind the Gap! (CE46)
Overheard on a Saltmarsh (CE9a)
Rainbow (CE57)
Running for the Future (CE5)
Seascape (CE7)
Sun, Moon, World (CE8)
Sweet Music (CE64)
The Snail and The Hen (CE4a)

Male Voice Choir

All in Tune (CE11)
A Song of Canute (CE101)
Be Joyful! (CE61)
Mind the Gap! (CE63)

Mixed Voice Choral

Alleluia (CE13)
All in Tune (CE11)
Beauty, Joy (CE58)
Be Joyful! (CE59)
Broom-Pedlar’s Song (CE3)
Christmas Celebration (CE31)
Cob-o’-coalin’ (CE25)
He will speak peace (CE20)
In such a night (CE47)
Love on my heart (CE52)
Mind the Gap! (CE62)
Nativity (CE12)
Never Weather Beaten Sail (CE2)
Rainbow (CE56)
Sleep, baby, sleep (CE45)
The Brisk Young Widow (CE23)
Two Anthems of Meditation(CE19)
When June is Come (CE21)
Willow Song (CE24)

Choral Suites (unaccompanied works in several movements)

A Summer Garland (CE28)
Choristers of Flight (CE39)
Four Sacred Songs (CE26)
Madrigal Book (CE27)
Three Poems of W B Yeats (CE38)

Choral Cantatas (works in several movements with accompaniment)

A Feast for Christmas (CE29)
Dance of the Universe (CE48)
Mr Lear (CE49)
Pictures of Night (CE43)
This is our World (CE32)
Travelling Tales (CE44)


Fanfare on ‘York’, organ solo (CE50)
Five Snapshots, two clarinets (CE40)
Prelude No. 9 from Preludes, Set One, solo piano (CE66)
Sonatina for oboe and piano (CE17)
Spring Pictures, violin and piano (CE15)
Three Improvisations, piano solo (CE41)
Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Set One, solo piano (CE54)
Twelve or Thirteen Preludes, Set Two, solo piano (CE55)
Winter Variations, cello and piano (CE16)
Workout, tenor sax and piano (CE33)
Workout, alto sax and piano (CE34)

Solo voice with instrument(s)

A Swan, A Man (CE30)
Autumn Evening (CE18)
Come live with me and be my love (CE37)
The Nutting Girl (CE53)
The Sea of Faith (CE35)
When I am dead, my dearest (CE36)


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