Colne Edition & BullardMusic

Colne Edition, and BullardMusic, publishes some of Alan Bullard’s instrumental and choral music.

colne edition printed copies

Colne Edition printed publications are distributed by Spartan Press, and here is a link to the Colne Edition page on the Spartan Press website.

colne edition / bullardmusic digital downloads

Digital (pdf) downloads are available of some Colne Edition and BullardMusic publications (these are not available from Spartan Press). The list is continually being expanded, so if you’d like to download a Colne Edition / BullardMusic publication that is not listed, please contact BullardMusic here.

Downloads of instrumental and some longer choral pieces are priced individually.

For downloads of shorter choral pieces there is a standard price of £1.00 per copy, with a minimum order of ten copies (£10.00). To order, just email BullardMusic with your order – let us know if you’d like the price confirmed before you order. Then we’ll send you a PayPal invoice and the pdf, which can be printed out or viewed on your tablet or iPad.

The price is almost always cheaper than the printed version, considerably so for choral pieces.

The pdf download is sold on the understanding that purchasers do not print out or save more copies than they asked for, and that they don’t lend them out to others. Thank you!