Woodwind Solos and Duos

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Duologues (1980)
flute and piano   12 mins.  Grade 8+ standard


Circus Skills (2001)
Eight pieces for flute and piano, Grades 3-5 standard

Fifty for Flute (1995)
50 progressive studies for solo flute, Grades 1 to 8 standard

Party Time! (1996)
17 very easy pieces for flute and piano: preliminary to Grade 1 standard

Streetwise Serenade (1997)
flute and piano  Grade 5

The Sight-reading Sourcebook (2003)
Solo flute, Grades 1-3

Alan Bullard has also arranged several pieces for flute and piano in the ABRSM 2017-2020 syllabus books.




Galloway Sketches – homage to Walter Carroll (1995)
Three pieces for recorder (treble doubling descant and optional garklein) and piano or guitar   8 mins: Grade 6-7

Hat Box (2003)
Eight pieces for recorder and piano or guitar  16 mins: Grade 7 approx.

John’s Jig (2004)
solo treble (or sopranino) recorder    2 mins: Grade 8 standard

Recipes (1989)
five pieces for descant recorder, and optional piano, or guitar, or string orchestra or string quartet 10 mins: Grade 4-7

Recorder Concerto (1995)
various recorders and piano or strings  10-11 mins. Grade 8+

Rondino (1995)
treble recorder and piano  3 mins.  about Grade 4 to 5 in standard

Siciliana (1974)
treble recorder and piano (or harpsichord)   4 mins: Grade 5-6

Sprightly Scherzo (1986)
two treble recorders   2 mins: Grade 5-6

Three Diversions (1983)
descant or tenor recorder and piano (or harpsichord)   6 mins: Grade 7

Winter Landscape (1992)
solo treble recorder   4 mins: Grade 8 standard

Alan Bullard has also arranged a number of pieces in Time Pieces for Recorder, vols. 1 and 2, descant and treble recorders (ABRSM)



Sonatina (1971)
oboe and piano: 8 mins.


Circus Skills (2001)
eight pieces for oboe and piano, Grade 3 to Grade 5 standard