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Circular Melody (1990)
saxophone or clarinet choir in 14 parts: 9 mins

Continuum (Procession) (1984)
brass band or wind orchestra: 9 mins.

Cyclic Harmony (1998)
clarinet choir or saxophone choir: 10 mins.

Heritage (1983)
symphonic wind orchestra. 18 mins.

Journey Through Time (2010)
woodwind ensemble with optional flute and clarinet ensemble: duration:

Little Suite (1990/1996):
flute trio or flute choir: duration 8 mins.

London Landscapes (2015)
wind orchestra: duration 8 minutes

North Sea Sketches (2009)
recorder ensemble / orchestra
9 mins : Descant, Trebles 1 and 2, Tenor, Bass, with optional Sopranino, Great Bass, and Contrabass.

Palace Dances for woodwind orchestra (2007)
Flexible woodwind scoring in four or more parts
Grade 5-7
Commissioned by the Palace Band, the five varied movements of this suite refer to the history of Alexandra Palace in North London. Flexibly scored in four parts, but works best with a wide variety of woodwind instruments, for example: Part 1 (Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Sop Sax) Part 2 (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet), Part 3 (Clarinet, Alto Sax), Part 4 (Bassoon, Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet).
List movements:
The movements can be performed separately. (I may produce a Concert Band version of this piece in the future). Approx ABRSM Grades 5-7
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com

Procession (Continuum) (1984/1997)
brass band or wind orchestra 9 mins.

Seascape (2000)
solo flute and flute choir 7 mins.
This colourful evocation of the sea was commissioned by Colchester Institute for the 2000 FluteFest and first performed by Karen Jones (solo flute) and the Colchester Institute Flute Choir, conductor Leanne Stretton, on February 23rd 2000.
Scoring: solo flute, piccolo, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute
Standard approx. ABRSM Grade 8
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com


Fanfare and canon (1992) 4 or more B flat clarinets
4 mins: Grade 2-3

Get it together (date) 8 pieces for flexibly scored wind and/or brass and/or string groups
Grade 2-4
Short fun pieces, four in each volume, flexibly scored, with a wide range of parts. The brass and wind sets can be combined as can the string sets (in theory)
Pack one contains:
1. Calypso Fanfare
2. Russian Steppes
3. Take Seven
4. Bank Holiday Fair
Pack two contains:
1. Mechanical Minuet
2. Loafing Around
3. Far from Home
4. Happy Day

‘These four accessible movements with prove popular with young players and teachers alike’. Philip Robinson, Winds magazine

Woodwind Pack 1 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP804
Brass Pack 1 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP805
String Pack 1 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP806
Woodwind Pack 2 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP807
Brass Pack 2 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP808
String Pack 2 http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP809

Olympic Stars for flexible woodwind, brass and string ensembles
Five short movements: up to Grade 2
Commissioned by Enfield Arts Support Service for their junior band and string groups, and first performed on 4 July 2012. There are five movements: Torch Relay (tutti), Tennis (wind), Synchronised Swimming (strings), 400m Sprint (wind), and Final Celebration (tutti)
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com

Zoological Band for flexible woodwind ensemble or flexible brass ensemble (2001)
Grade 3-5
Five short pieces for flexible woodwind ensemble or flexible brass ensemble in four parts, originally commissioned by Berkshire Young Musician’s Trust. The movements are: Cheerful Chimp, Tired Tortoise, Graceful Giraffe, Sad Sea-Lion, Prickly Porcupine.
Flexible brass http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP647
Flexible woodwind http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP646




Little Suite (1990/1996): flute trio or flute choir
Approx Grade 6-7: duration 8 mins.


Triple Fipple for three recorders
3 mins: Grade 5
Commissioned by Kingswood Recorders, director Jackey Birch, this fun piece is available in two versions, descant/treble/tenor or treble/tenor/bass.
SAT http://www.recordermail.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=fipple%20tripple&PN=Music_Catalog_Composers_A_K_22%2ehtml#aP31
ATB http://www.recordermail.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=fipple%20tripple&PN=Music_Catalog_Composers_A_K_22%2ehtml#aP30


Little Suite for two oboes and cor anglais, or for flute trio or flute choir (1990)
8 mins: Grade 6-7
Five light-hearted movements,
first performed by the Oben Ensemble, 19 May 1991, Manningtree
1. Entrance 2. Sarabande 3. Scherzo 4. Air 5. Exit
‘A most attractive work which can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages… we can warmly recommend it to all oboe and cor anglais players’ – Jennifer Porcas, Double Reed News
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com


Fanfare and canon (1992) 4 or more B flat clarinets
4 mins: Grade 2-3
Two easy pieces for clarinet ensemble, performed on CASS days and at a number of schools.
`Effective movements; pupils enjoy playing them’ Angela Fussell, CASS magazine
SPARTAN PRESS http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP480

Olympian Sketches (1993) 3 B flat clarinets (2nd optionally doubling E flat) and bass clarinet
10 mins: Grade 8
These five pieces – musical portraits of Greek gods – were written for pupils of Angela Fussell at the RCM Junior Department and first performed in Ghent, Belgium, on 14 June 1993 also available for saxophone quartet.
1. Apollo – the god of music and poetry; 2. Charon – the ferry-man of the underworld; 3. Hermes – the messenger of the gods; 4. Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty; 5. Artemis – the goddess of hunting
`Very well written…with musical and dramatic qualities that make rehearsal well worth while’ – Paul Harvey, Winds.
Score and parts available from the composer  mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com

Recorded on CD by the Chinook Clarinet Quartet – CHINOOK CCQ 001
`The Chinook respond with tight ensemble and controlled playing in these evocative and contrasting five movements’ – Charles Hine, Clarinet and Saxophone magazine

YouTube recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bXxkrLdVG8&t=42s

Overtones for four B flat clarinets (1985)
11 mins: Grade 8+
Ebony Quartet commission, first London performance at the Purcell Room, 28 January 1986.
This virtuosic piece exploits the entire range of the four clarinets in a dramatic and exciting way.
‘Clearly the result of a fiery imagination’ – Robert Matthew-Walker, Music and Musicians
`Musically substantial and technically involved’ – CASS magazine
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com
Recorded on CD by Ebony Quartet : MERLIN MRFD 93100 https://www.merlinclassics.com/cd/overtones-ebony-quartet


Olympian Sketches (1993/96) for saxophone quartet (S, A, T, Bar)
10 mins: Grade 8

Three Picasso Portraits (1992) for saxophone quartet (S, A, T, Bar)
8 mins: Grade 8
Commissioned by Saxology and broadcast by them on Classic FM, this work is based on three paintings of Picasso from the inter-war period – 1. Harlequin 2. Weeping Woman 3. Three Dancers First performance, Saxology, Saint Martin’s in the Fields, London, 15 June 1992.
`Beautifully written and immensely satisfying to play…a must for the serious ensemble’ – Charles Hine, CASS Journal
SPARTAN PRESS details http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP741
Recorded on CD by Saxology: MERIDIAN CDE 84376 https://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/classical/works/141743–bullard-a-three-picasso-portraits/browse


Dances for Wind Quintet (1982)
16 mins: Grade 8+
1. Prelude 2. Pavane 3. Musette 4. Interlude 5. Reel
Commissioned and first performed by the Marlborough Quintet, 26 June 1983, Purcell Room,
first broadcast, BBC Radio 3, Vega Quintet.
`Assured in character and delightful in effect’ – Patrick Enfield, Evening Star
SPARTAN PRESS http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP1326


Essay for brass quintet (1983)
9 mins: Grade 7-8
This colourful piece, now in the repertoire of many quintets, was commissioned by Farnaby Brass and first performed in Witney, Oxfordshire, on 9 December 1983 and subsequently twice broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com

Archbishop Harsnett meets Doctor Gilberd for horn and trumpet (2012)
4-5 mins: Grade 7-8