Woodwind and Brass Ensembles

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Larger Ensembles – concert works

Larger Ensembles – educational

Chamber Ensembles



Circular Melody (1990)
saxophone or clarinet choir in 14 parts: 9 mins

Continuum (Procession) (1984)
brass band or wind orchestra: 9 mins.

Cyclic Harmony (1998)
clarinet choir or saxophone choir: 10 mins.

Heritage (1983)
symphonic wind orchestra. 18 mins.

Journey Through Time (2010)
woodwind ensemble with optional flute and clarinet ensemble: c. 15 mins.

Little Suite (1990/1996):
flute trio or flute choir: duration 8 mins.

London Landscapes (2015)
wind orchestra: duration 8 minutes

North Sea Sketches (2009)
recorder ensemble / orchestra
9 mins : Descant, Trebles 1 and 2, Tenor, Bass, with optional Sopranino, Great Bass, and Contrabass.

Palace Dances (2007)
woodwind orchestra: flexible scoring in four or more parts: Grades 5-7

Procession (Continuum) (1984/1997)
brass band or wind orchestra 9 mins.

Seascape (2000)
solo flute and flute choir 8 mins. c. Grade 8


Fanfare and canon (1992)
4 or more B flat clarinets,  4 mins: Grade 2-3

Get it together (2006)
8 pieces for flexibly scored wind and/or brass and/or string groups, Grade 2-4

Olympic Stars
Five short movements for flexible woodwind, brass and string ensembles: up to Grade 2

Zoological Band (2001)
Five movements for flexible woodwind ensemble or flexible brass ensemble (2001), Grades 3-5



Little Suite (1990/1996)
flute trio or flute choir: approx Grade 6-7: duration 8 mins.


Triple Fipple
three recorders: 3 mins: Grade 5

Four Lodgers
versions for three recorders (TrTB) and four recorders (DTrTB)


Little Suite (1990/1996)
two oboes and cor anglais: approx Grade 6-7: duration 8 mins.


Fanfare and canon (1992)
4 or more B flat clarinets    4 mins: Grade 2-3

Olympian Sketches (1993)
3 B flat clarinets (2nd optionally doubling E flat) and bass clarinet: Grade 7-8

Overtones (1985)
four B flat clarinets     11 mins: Grade 8+


Olympian Sketches (1993)
saxophone quartet (S,A,T,Bar): Grade 7-8

Three Picasso Portraits (1992)
saxophone quartet (S, A, T, Bar)   8 mins: Grade 8


Dances for Wind Quintet (1982)
16 mins: Grade 8+
1. Prelude 2. Pavane 3. Musette 4. Interlude 5. Reel
Commissioned and first performed by the Marlborough Quintet, 26 June 1983, Purcell Room,
first broadcast, BBC Radio 3, Vega Quintet.
`Assured in character and delightful in effect’ – Patrick Enfield, Evening Star
SPARTAN PRESS http://www.spartanpress.co.uk/spweb/details.php?catno=SP1326


Essay for brass quintet (1983)
9 mins: Grade 7-8
This colourful piece, now in the repertoire of many quintets, was commissioned by Farnaby Brass and first performed in Witney, Oxfordshire, on 9 December 1983 and subsequently twice broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
Score and parts available from the composer mailto:alanbullard@btinternet.com

Archbishop Harsnett meets Doctor Gilberd for horn and trumpet (2012)
4-5 mins: Grade 7-8